Totally Captiv8ting

We are proud to announce winning Events Agency of the year 2017.

Captiv8 is a company with a wealth of experience, which has been producing events for over sixteen years and are proud to admit this is due to their clients coming back to them every year. We profiled the company and its founder, Oya Evans, winner of our Most Influential Woman in Events 2017 – South East England & Events Agency of the Year 2017 – London, to find out what makes them so successful and how they make every event unforgettable.

Whilst working with celebrities and other professional clients as an agent, Oya Evans found herself assisting event organisers. Her aim was to arrange the parties to suit her client’s requirements, after all, the event had to be the right party for the client to attend.

Oya had the answers and the passion for creating something more than the average event for her clients, this lead to the formation of Captiv8. She is currently supported by a team of experienced producers who have all worked for some of the top event organisations.

The team has 20 years of experience producing events in Europe, Asia and North America plus an enviable track record with private and corporate clients in all sectors including: professional and financial services, legal, travel and tourism, film premiers, charity events, TV and Launch parties. From meeting and greeting to the final farewell, Captiv8 ensure that no guest is left in any doubt about the quality and professionalism of the client’s company.

Captiv8 possess staff who love to work all over London, with the firm’s clientele ranging from 50 to 2500 clients. Employees at the company happily arrange as much or as little as the client chooses. All the company needs to know is the client’s preferred area, budget, number of guests and type of event. There is a complimentary service offered by the firm which saves the client time and effort, meaning they can channel their energy elsewhere and concentrate on the important aspects of their business.

Concerning the fees of Captiv8, the firm are in the position to offer clients a complimentary service as it negotiates a commission fee with the venue. The total budget is spent on the client’s party, with the contract always being between the client and the venue.

Differentiating themselves from other firms within the industry, Captiv8 are a group of people who are passionate about providing a memorable event which truly gets the message across. The event is all about the client and sending the message across to attendees.

Possessing high-quality relationships with notorious clients, the company pride itself on creating fabulous events, exceeding all expectations. The business utilises its relationships with venues and suppliers in order to ensure the best rates. If the client is typically happy with doing most of the organising then the firm is available to help out, however, if the client prefers to take a step back, then the Captiv8 team will take a hands on role and provide an unforgettable occasion. The team usually cater for events which hold 20-2,500 people and are always happy to discuss numbers and other requirements with the client.

Regardless of the event, Captiv8 can organise it, whether it be a Christmas party, a product launch or even private dining and weddings, the firm has the client covered. Perfection comes from staff experience, dedication and passion to create an event which is remembered long after the party has ended.

When it comes to product launches, the team at Captiv8 believe it is all about the brand. The venue, atmosphere, location are all factors that are put in place to promote the product. Staff consider and advise on other fundamentals, creative invitations, appropriate entertainment and use technology to incorporate relevant audio visuals. The launch needs to be exciting and attract the interest of guests, attracting press whilst also reflecting the brand values.

Whether it is a civil ceremony, religious service or civil partnership, Captiv8 will take clients through probably one of the most important checklists they will ever need, the one for their wedding! The team will organise as much or as little as they are told by the client. The areas covered by staff at the firm include: Venue, floristry, entertainment, invitations, table plan, candles, lighting, wedding cake, photography, videography, family attire, transport, religious ceremonies, civil partnership, design, catering, music, bands, DJ’s, toast masters, table centres, favours, confetti, decoration and everything else clients could possibly need or want for their big day.

Christmas parties, especially corporate can be difficult to organise. However, Captiv8 will have a brief conversation with prospective clients to ask, the preferred date of the party, the number of guests and the type of party the company had in mind. The area of the party is also considered, along with the theme. After this, the team will take over and organise an outstanding event. It is not solely Christmas parties organised by Captiv8, but private parties too. These occasions are ideal for clients to share and celebrate with those close to them, and can reflect the client’s very own personal taste, whether it be at home or in a fantastic venue appropriate for the occasion. Captiv8 will ensure the client celebrates in style.

The Captiv8 Team are happy to meet with all clients and discuss the overall impression they would like to convey to guests. With regard to venue sourcing, the firm sits down with the client and discusses the event that is being planned, covering theme, colour, lights, style and mood. These factors will surround the guests throughout the duration of the event and the team never underestimates the feeling created to entertain them – the location is important because it will influence the atmosphere.

In the view of the firm, the food must be not only delicious but beautifully prepared and exquisitely presented. It makes no difference if clients are having a sit down meal, buffet, canapés, or bowl food, the catering is always extremely important.
At any event, the entertainment is important, as the client has invited their guests and it is vital you entertain them. Captiv8 have a variety of entertainers and they are chosen appropriately for each event. From the mystical to the hilarious, there is an abundance of talented individuals and groups.

When it comes to music, The Earthlights Boogie Band are at your service to perform, deliver and captivate any audience for great live entertainment. The Earthlights can erupt and delight any audience, big or small, with their classic cover tracks. Their versatile style and knowledge of creating a memorable event is second to none. Whether it is entertaining an exclusive Wedding party during the day, playing smooth jazz on the lawn, or a party at night, the band and their subsequent entertainment are available.

Captiv8 have also recently launched their dance company, where they introduce you to your preferred dance style at your own pace. They teach all styles for complete beginners to advanced dancers. Parties include; Hen Do’s, Stag Do’s, corporate team building, charity events, your first wedding dance and more. These are held at 20 venues across London with more than 50 classes and over 1000 dancers, why not become one of them.

So, whether you want to feel confident at the company Christmas party, shine on your wedding day with a memorable first dance, or perhaps learn a new style as a hobby, there are a variety of classes that we build around your ability.
Ultimately, if an event needs planning, then Captiv8 are the firm best equipped to organise it. Covering a variety of events and already holding a sterling reputation within the industry, the company are set to capitalise on their ongoing success. With notorious clients, talented staff and an innovative and unique founder, these are exciting times for the company.